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“Hey Player Name, you look nervous.” Join the soccer team only to find out your choices will affect all the lives around you. What will you do, who will you become and will you….Breakaway?


Breakaway is a game, in association with the Emergent Media Center, the UNFPA and the Population Media Center, to add to the ongoing effort of preventing violence against women around the world. It starts with presenting players with a world where they get to see the benefits and repercussions of their actions in a familiar setting of a soccer team. Getting them to feel this personal connection with the team will get them thinking more about who they are as a person and letting them forge their path instead of societal norms that have pushed forward an old school of thought.

On this project I was responsible for all the animations in the soccer mini games and soccer games the player gets to experience through the season. I was also responsible, past Episode 2, for an average of 30-80 frames out of the narrative screens  for each episode. I worked on a team ranging from 4 to 8 artists and we had to keep within constant communication in order to streamline the process of handling several models into a scene.

We worked heavily on getting  positions that make sense for the character roles and evoking their archetype, lighting the scene to provide greater contrast between the players and matching up characters to photo references we took as a team.

I am also experienced in the rendering process used for the project. The process requires two passes of each scene, one for base vector colors and one for shadow passes. These are then combined into swfs for use in the engine.

Check out the game at :